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If 24 seats are turned, we can take back the House. 14 are in California.

Flip the 14's Plan to Take Back Congress Starts in California

Democrats need to retake 24 seats to flip the House of Representatives, and the path to that victory starts in California. There are 14 California congressional seats held by Republicans who continue to vote against the interests of the state and their constituents. Nationwide, Hillary Clinton won in 23 Congressional Districts currently held by a Republican. Winning the districts that Clinton won will not be enough; we can and must do better. It’s time to expand the map of winnable seats in California. It’s time to Flip the 14.

As long as the Republicans control Congress, we can expect more of the same  – party above people, cowardice before country. With them in control, we can expect a Congress that:

  • Continues to put the needs of the super rich ahead of the middle class;
  • Tries to take health care away from millions of Americans while making devastating cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Medi-Cal/Medicaid, and other services that help us live healthy and dignified lives;
  • Hinders Congressional oversight over Trump’s shady business dealings and campaign ties to Russia; and
  • Slashes and burns clean air and water protection, support for struggling families, and rules that protect workers.

Flip the 14 is focused on keeping the heat on these 14 Members, and supporting and amplifying the work of Resistance activists who will turn out the Democratic vote in those districts this November. Sign up to stay informed about how our seasoned campaign professionals are helping Resistance activists expand their tactics and reach – and consider donating or volunteering to help us in our work.

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