Flip the 14's Plan to Take Back Congress Starts in California


If Democrats flip 23 seats in 2018, we take back the House. We can flip at least 11 of California's 14 seats.

Democrats need to retake 23 seats to flip the U.S. House of Representatives, and the path to victory starts in California.

Nationwide, Hillary Clinton won in 23 Congressional Districts currently held by a Republican. Winning those districts will not be enough to hold a strong majority and set the agenda. We CAN and MUST do better. It’s time to expand the map of winnable seats in California. It's time to Flip the 14.

At Flip the 14, we're focused on reaching and turning out mid-term skipping and newly registered voters, especially Democrats, through door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, texting, and postcarding. We do this by working with other Resistance organizations and recruiting volunteers who are ready to work together to take back Congress.

Every issue we care about – health care access, pathways to the middle class, clean air and clean water, the rule of law,  dignity for seniors, families, and children, and even the fundamental foundations of our democratic system – depends on a Congress standing up for us and providing meaningful oversight over the White House. Instead, we’ve seen the Republicans in charge repeatedly make life harder for Californians.

As long as the Republicans control Congress, we can expect more of the same  – party above people, cowardice before country. With them in control, we can expect a Congress that:

  • Continues to put the needs of the super rich ahead of the middle class;
  • Tries to take health care away from millions of Americans while making devastating cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Medi-Cal/Medicaid, and other services that help us live healthy and dignified lives;
  • Ignores the plight of immigrant families being torn apart by the Trump Administration;
  • Hinders Congressional oversight over Trump’s shady business dealings and campaign ties to Russia; and
  • Slashes and burns clean air and water protection, support for struggling families, and rules that protect workers.

Flip the 14 is focused on keeping the heat on these 14 Members, and supporting and amplifying the work of Resistance activists who will turn out the Democratic vote this November. Sign up through our Mobilize Page to stay informed about how our seasoned campaign professionals are helping Resistance activists expand their tactics and reach – and consider donating or volunteering to help us in our work.

Visit our Mobilize page for volunteer opportunities available across California and remotely. We also recommend looking at opportunities to get involved at NorCalBlueWave and SwingSoCalLeft.

Working Together with the Resistance

Flip the 14 is supporting the work of the Resistance to defeat California's 14 Republicans in Congress. We have a President who is undermining our values, embarrassing our great country, and creating a less stable and more dangerous world. And he's getting away with it because the Republicans that control Congress are silent. Indeed, many of the most harmful aspects of the Trump agenda, like taking away health care from millions of Americans and raising taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for the richest 1%, are driven by the Republicans in Congress.

It's time for a change. We just need to flip 24 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 of them are in California. Flip the 14 is run by a team with a proven track record of running successful campaigns. We've seen what works, and we're flexible enough to try out new ideas. In this climate of uncertainty, we think it's a mistake to only focus on a narrow spectrum of seats, especially in California. A lot can happen between now and Election Day, and we'll be present in all 14 districts, planting the seeds for a wave election in 2018.

We need your help. Please consider a donation to help Flip the 14.