The Road to a Democratic Congress


Flip The 14


What Others Are Saying About Flip the 14

Jared Huffman, Member of Congress

JaredHuffman.jpg"Flip the 14 was started by experienced campaign professionals to lend electoral training and support for the resistance. It is building the kind of person to person outreach that we need to build a Democratic House majority in 2018."





Mel Levine, Former Member of Congress


"In 2018, we have a tremendous opportunity here in California. Flip the 14 has the vision and capacity to redraw the map and put House seats in play. I'm excited by what they've already accomplished, and I expect great things ahead."






Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento

DarrellSteinberg.jpg"I fully endorse this essential effort to demand that California's Republican Congressional delegation make a clear choice. Represent the reasonable views of your district's voters, not the extreme views of your national Republican leaders. Your constituents overwhelmingly want you to maintain health access for children! Some issues ought to transcend the usual politics."