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The 14

Question: How are the 14 California Republicans in Congress voting in the era of Trump?


Every single member of California’s Republican Congressional delegation voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act with a plan that would take away health insurance from 23 million Americans to provide a tax cut for the super rich. Ask yourselves: Who are they really serving? And What can you do about it?

California’s 14 Republicans Members of Congress have consistently voted in lockstep with the Trump agenda – against the interests of the people they represent. Their votes rob American workers of money they’ve earned, make us less healthy and less safe, erode our privacy rights, and rollback consumer protections that help everyone.

In 2017, all 14 voted to: 

  • Deny 23 million Americans their health care (H.R. 1628)
  • Cut $1.5 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid and to raise the age of Medicare eligibility from 65 to 67 (H. Con. Res. 71)
  • Delay by eight years ground-level ozone air quality standards that would prevent thousands of premature deaths every year (H.R. 806)
  • Reward Wall Street excess by rolling back protections put in place to prevent another Great Recession (H.R. 10)
  • Stop federal agencies from implementing basic consumer protections (H.R. 23)
  • Strip millions of American workers from access to overtime compensation (H.R. 1180)
  • Violate your privacy rights by allowing your Internet service provider to sell your browsing history to the highest bidder (S.J. Res. 34)
  • Stop a rule that required federal contractors to disclose workplace safety violations (H.J. Res. 37)
  • Allow coal companies to dump toxic coal waste into streams (H.J. Res. 38)
  • End a rule that forced energy companies to disclose their contributions to foreign governments (H.J. Res. 41)
  • Prevent real scientists from guiding EPA decisions, replacing them with industry hacks instead (H.R. 1431)*
  • Impede sound decision making at the EPA by preventing the use of the best available scientific research (H.R. 1430)
  • Stop two commonsense provisions that would have prevented severely mentally ill people who are dangers to those around them from purchasing firearms (H.R. 1181 and H.J. Res. 40)

*Rep. Ken Calvert was not present for this vote.

Call Time Cheat Sheet

Doug LaMalfa (CA-01): (202) 225-3076, (530) 878-5035, (530) 534-7100, (530) 223-5898
Tom McClintock (CA-04): (202) 225-2511, (916) 786-5560
Paul Cook (CA-08): (202) 225-5861, (760) 247-1815, (909) 797-4900
Jeff Denham (CA-10): (202) 225-4540, (209) 579-5458
David Valadao (CA-21): (202) 225-4695, (661) 864-7736, (559) 582-5526
Devin Nunes (CA-22): (202) 225-2523, (559) 323-5235, (559) 733-3861
Kevin McCarthy (CA-23): (202) 225-2915, (661) 327-3611
Steve Knight (CA-25): (202) 225-1956, (661) 441-0320, (661) 255-5630, (805) 581-7130
Ed Royce (CA-39): (202) 225-4111, (714) 255-0101, (626) 964-5123, (909) 420-0010
Ken Calvert (CA-42): (202) 225-1986, (951) 277-0042
Mimi Walters (CA-45): (202) 225-5611, (949) 263-8703
Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48): (202) 225-2415, (714) 960-6483
Darrell Issa (CA-49): (202) 225-3906, (949) 281-2449, (760) 599-5000
Duncan Hunter (CA-50): (202) 225-5672, (619) 448-5201, (951) 695-5108

CA 01: Doug La Malfa

Doug_LaMalfa_113th_Congress.jpgCalifornia's 1st Congressional District consists of 11 predominately rural counties in the northernmost reaches of California. 1st District residents enjoy pristine federally protected lands perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. The district is home to a large student population at Chico State. CA-01 is represented by one of the most extreme Republicans in Congress, Rep. Doug LaMalfa. He defended Donald Trump’s remarks comparing white supremacists and neo-Nazis to the people that protest them, and he’s consistently opposed equal rights for LGBT Americans. In 2013, he voted to cut nutritional assistance for hungry families with children while protecting the farm subsidies he personally benefits from. Learn more.





CA 04: Tom McClintock

Tom_McClintock_113th_Congress.jpgCongressman Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks) has the distinction of being California’s most traveled Member of Congress. He represented Los AngelesCounty in the State Senate until this northeastern district opened up. 400 miles later, he’s picked up where he left off in the state legislature, becoming the most rigidly ideological member of the California Republican delegation. McClintock believes government can’t help people, and he spends every waking moment in Congress trying to prove it. To his credit, he’s actually hosted town halls this year, where he has insulted immigrants and women with abandon. This district includes one of California’s most popular tourist destinations and one of America’s most heavily protected bodies of water, Lake Tahoe, which he does almost nothing to help. The people of the 4th could do a lot better. Learn more.





CA 08: Paul Cook

Paul_Cook_official_portrait.jpgWho is Congressman Paul Cook? Have you seen this man? His constituents haven’t. Cook, an early endorser of Trump, has inspired his constituents to host candlelight vigils after declaring him “missing” for refusing to show up to town halls. He represents more than 280,000 Latinos, but that hasn’t stopped him from holding DREAMers hostage for border wall funding. He’s also pushed for the removal of federal national monument protection for former Japanese Internment sites at the behest of mining interests. Otherwise, we’re not really sure what he does. If you see him, tell him his constituents are concerned for his well-being and he should call home. Learn more.








CA 10: Jeff Denham

Jeff_Denham_Official_Portrait.jpgCongressman Jeff Denham is a loyal foot soldier for the Trump agenda, even though he represents one of the most contested districts in the country. The highly respected Cook Political Report considers this district a tossup, which is why we hosted our first campaign training here. He has repeatedly voted to take health insurance away from thousands of his constituents, and he even voted to replace Medicare as we know it with a voucher to purchase private insurance. Like his fellow Republicans in Congress, Denham doesn’t think Trump should have to release his taxes. The Modesto Bee refused to endorse Denham last year, citing his support for Trump as “a disqualifier.” Learn more.








CA 21: David Valadao

David_Valadao_113th_Congress.jpgIt’s a miracle Congressman Valadao is still in the House. This is the most Democratic district in California represented by a Republican, and it’s not even close. Clinton beat Trump by more than 15 points in this district, and Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans here. Valadao voted against protecting LGBT Americans from workplace discrimination, and he’s consistently voted for cuts in the Medicaid program despite almost half of his constituents depending on it for their health care needs. It should come as no surprise that he’s afraid of his constituents, as he’s refused to hold a town hall this year. Learn more.






CA 22: Devin Nunes

Devin_Nunes_113th_Congress.jpgWhere do we begin with Congressman Devin Nunes? There is no Member of Congress more committed to derailing the investigation of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election than Nunes. As the House Intelligence Committee Chair, he went behind the backs of his colleagues for a late-night visit to the White House to share classified information. He then claimed he was going to recuse himself and proceeded to continue interfering with the investigation, up to an including threatening the Department of Justice for cooperating. We’re sure it’s just a coincidence that he’s a close ally of Trump who served on Trump’s transition team. Nunes’ motto seems to be Trump first, Russia second, America last, and it’s our patriotic duty to do everything we can to get him out of Congress. Learn more.





CA 23: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Kevin_McCarthy2.jpgHouse Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy votes in lockstep with Trump. The #2 Republican in the House, McCarthy more than anyone in the California delegation has the moral responsibility to push back against Trump’s worst impulses. Spoiler alert: he hasn’t. A rubber stamp for the Trump agenda, McCarthy seems content with allowing Trump to tear down our country and our cherished values if he can get tax cuts for rich people out of the deal. McCarthy has put a bullseye on Medicaid for as long as he’s been in Congress, yet almost half his constituents depend on it for their health care needs. He stopped representing his constituents the second he took office. Learn more.







CA 25: Steve Knight

Steve_Knight.jpgCongressman Steve Knight votes with Trump almost all the time, even though Clinton beat Trump in this district by almost seven points. Knight doesn’t think Americans have a right to review Trump’s taxes to determine if he has any conflicts of interest. He’s voted to defund Planned Parenthood, voted against bilingual education, and as a State Senator, voted to allow the Confederate Flag on state property. He’s far too extreme for this district. CA-25 is a major pickup opportunity for Democrats. Learn more.








CA 39: Ed Royce **UPDATE: Royce retiring in 2018! This is now an open seat.**

Ed_Royce_113th_Congress.jpgCongressman Ed Royce consistently votes with Trump, even though Clinton beat Trump in this district by almost nine points! If you see him, tell Royce his constituents miss him. Despite repeated requests, he has yet to host a town hall or public meeting in 2017. Learn more.








CA 42: Ken Calvert

Ken_Calvert_113th_Congress.jpgCongressman Ken Calvert votes with Trump all the time. An early supporter of Trump, Calvert said of him, “Donald is a disruptor and Washington certainly needs that.” You can know his heart by his response to Trump’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Instead of standing with the DREAMers, Calvert did the opposite, introducing legislation meant to wall them out of the workforce. He did this despite representing one of the largest Latino populations in California. Residents of the 42nd District deserve better. Learn more.






CA 45:  Mimi Walters

Mimi_Walters_2015.jpgClinton beat Trump in California’s 45th District by more than five points, but that hasn’t stopped Congresswoman Mimi Walters from voting in lockstep with the Trump agenda. When her constituents showed up at a town hall to discuss her votes on health care and environmental issues, she tried to discredit them, claiming that they were “paid activists.” Someone with that much disrespect for the people she represents doesn’t deserve a seat in Congress. Learn more.









CA 48: Dana Rohrabacher

Dana_Rohrabacher.jpgHouse Leader Kevin McCarthy once said, “There’s two people I think Putin pays. Trump and Rohrabacher. Swear to God.” He claims it was a joke, but we’re not laughing. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has been called “Putin’s favorite congressman,” and the FBI once warned him that Russian spies were trying to recruit him. Speaking of Putin allies, he once made one of his Republican colleagues “honestly want to throw up” after a speech about the Assad regime in Syria. He also has one of the most extreme anti-immigrant records of anyone in Congress. It’s a shame Rohrabacher is so easily distracted, because he represents almost 40 miles of coastline that could really use someone focused on keeping the beaches and ocean pristine for residents and this district’s thriving tourism economy. Learn more.





CA 49: Darrell Issa **UPDATE: Issa retiring in 2018! This is now an open seat.**

Congressman_Darrell_Issa.jpgCongressman Darrell Issa, the second richest person in Congress, made his fortune selling those annoying car alarms that wake you up in the middle of the night every time a car drives by. If that’s not enough to want him out of Congress, he spent the Obama years fixated on fake scandals that led absolutely nowhere, only to fall suddenly quiet with Trump in the White House. After winning his 2016 reelection by just 1,600 votes, he viciously lashed out against his opponent, filing a lawsuit so frivolous that a judge ordered him to pay $45,000 to cover his opponent’s legal fees. This will be one of the most contested races in the country. Stay tuned. Learn more.








CA 50: Duncan Hunter

DuncanHunter.jpgGiven all the investigations surrounding Congressman Duncan Hunter, keeping him on this page may just be a placeholder. The Office of Congressional Ethics and the Federal Elections Commission are both digging into alleged misuse of campaign resources, and his campaign treasurer’s office was raided with a search warrant back in February. Oh yeah, and he was one of the first Republicans in Congress to back Trump, and he’s a champion of the “border wall” that Mexico still isn’t paying for. Hunter’s got to go. Learn more.