The Road to a Democratic Congress


Flip The 14

Our Post-Primary Recap

We were at the center of reaching well over 150,000 mid-term skipping and newly registered voters in the last week of the election – through texting, phone banking, postcards, personalized e-mails, and on-the-ground volunteer deployment – and were one of the key organizations that helped avert the disaster of no Democrat advancing to the general election in any pivotal swing district. With everything we accomplished in the primary, Flip the 14 is now well positioned to make an even bigger impact in November.

Can you help us lay the groundwork for an effective general election field campaign with a contribution today? Early resources help us go bigger and bolder, reaching a lot more voters.

We’re engaged in a lot of exciting field organizing that is connecting dozens of Resistance organizations in common purpose. Expect some exciting announcements in the weeks ahead.

Thank you for everything and anything you did to turn out voters in the primary. It takes a wide network of activists, volunteers, and voters to get the results we need in our system, and if Flip the 14 was part of your outreach, thank you for having faith in us. We won’t let you down.

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Priority Phone Banking & Texting with Courage Campaign & Flip the 14 This Week

Our joint field campaign with Courage Campaign is already off to an incredible start. Have you signed up to phone bank and email voters you know yet?

We’re reaching more than 50,000 Democratic voters in CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49 to make sure they vote for a Democrat in June. Those are the three districts where Courage Campaign and Flip the 14 are worried that no Democrat will advance to the general election.

When we alerted you to texting last week, the response we got was overwhelming. As a result, we have enough texting volunteers to reach our priority voter universe, but we still need people to sign up for phone banking shifts and to email voters through VoterCircle. Can you join us in this final get out the vote push?


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This is Not a Drill: All Hands on Deck in CA-39, CA-48, CA-49

We’re nervous. With Election Day less than two weeks away, we’re really worried about three races in California: CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49. Those are the seats currently represented respectively by Congressmen Ed Royce (retiring), Dana Rohrabacher (in it against a far right challenger loaded with campaign cash), and Darrell Issa (retiring).

There are good Democratic candidates in all three districts, and enthusiasm is high. But the simple math is this: in each district, Republican votes have mostly consolidated behind two candidates, which means the top two vote getters in the primary could be Republicans if we don’t boost Democratic turnout.

Flip the 14 is partnering with the Courage Campaign during this all hands on deck moment to help push a Democrat into the top two. Can you help us? Sign up to volunteer today!

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Courage Campaign & Flip the 14 Announce Joint Phone Bank and Texting Strategy in 3 Priority Southern California Districts through June Primary

Courage Campaign and Flip the 14, two organizations with active field and digital campaigns in California working to help defeat Republican Members of Congress in the state, today announced that they are partnering through the June election to mobilize voters in CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49. Those three swing districts are all at serious risk of two Republicans advancing to the general election under California’s top two jungle primary.

The two organizations will make more than 50,000 voter contacts through a joint phone and text bank campaign, with a special focus on new voters and voters who might otherwise skip midterm elections.

Volunteers interested in signing up to phone bank (Click here).

Volunteers interested in texting (Click here).

Volunteers interested in emailing people they know in these districts (Click here).

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Flip the 14 & Fresno Area Central Labor Council Announce Alliance in CA-21 and CA-22 to Boost Turnout for Midterms

Flip the 14, an organization working to replace all 14 of California’s Republicans in Congress, today announced that it is forming an alliance with the Fresno-Madera-Tulare-Kings Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Specifically, Flip the 14’s 75-person call and text center, which includes Spanish speakers, will reach thousands of voters throughout CA-21 and CA-22, the districts currently represented by Republican Congressmen David Valadao and Devin Nunes respectively. The goal is boosting turnout among infrequent voters and recruiting in-district volunteers for door-to-door canvassing and other activities that will boost turnout.

The outreach strategy is being developed by both groups. “At Flip the 14, we like working closely with organized labor, because they already have a network of dedicated volunteers and they have an enduring campaign infrastructure. The FMTK Central Labor Council is already in the trenches in CA-21 and CA-22. Working together, we’re going to change the electoral math in the Central Valley,” said Doug Linney, Co-Founder and Campaign Manager for Flip the 14.

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CA-04 District Action Council, Sacramento Central Labor Council Set June 2nd Working Families Day of Action Against McClintock

The coalition of labor and community groups working to unseat Rep. Tom McClintock (R – CA 04) through a joint field campaign today announced a Working Families Day of Action on Saturday, June 2. Flip the 14, the Sacramento Central Labor Council, and the California Away Team are all working to replace McClintock with a congressional representative more in touch and in tune with the wishes of working people in the district.

“Rep. McClintock has failed to represent the working families of the district and his time is now up,” said Fabrizio Sasso, executive secretary of the labor council, which represents working families in the district. “McClintock represents the interests of corporations, voted against affordable health care, and delivers nothing for students, while failing to bring federal investment needed to improve the region’s roads, forests and waterways.”

The primary door-to-door canvasses are focused on voters who frequently miss elections in non-presidential years. New volunteers are always welcome, and training is available to make it a rewarding and consequential experience.

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