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Flip The 14

California’s Congressman Duncan Hunter Finally Indicted

Five days before the June primary, we tweeted:

You may have heard about Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA-50) indictment today. If not, he can thank Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

His ethical lapses have been on our radar for a long time, and we thought there was a good pick up opportunity, even though many considered it a long shot. That’s why we invested time, resources, and volunteer power in CA-50 to turn out mid-term skipping and newly registered voters who were likely to vote for a Democrat. We texted and phone banked thousands of voters, and produced walk pieces that the Resistance could use. It was one of the districts where we were worried no Democrat might advance to the general election, but we were one of the only statewide groups to do something about it. Money well spent.

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The Supreme Court Disaster: Taking Back Congress is More Important than Ever

President Trump just announced his pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy: Judge Brett Kavanaugh. If confirmed, he will be the second person Trump elevated to the Supreme Court but only the first not stolen from President Obama.

There’s no sugarcoating what’s at stake. Justice Kennedy was part of the conservative wing of the court, but on occasion, he could be counted on to be a “swing” vote on issues like environmental protections, women’s health choices, LGBTQI rights, or broad access to education. We may be witnessing the birth of a new far right activist court, one that could be entrenched for a generation or more, undermining almost a century of progress in our country.

Here at Flip the 14, our mission has never felt more vital. You know the damage caused by the White House, and in the coming weeks, you’ll hear a lot more about the damage that will be caused by the Supreme Court if Kavanaugh is confirmed. It’s urgent: we MUST restore checks and balances in Washington, and that requires us to take back Congress.

Please contribute to Flip the 14 today. The money you donate will be devoted to turning out mid-term skipping and newly registered voters in key swing districts in California. 

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Concrete Resistance Against the Child Snatchers


We at Flip the 14 share your anger and your anguish over the inhumane horrors occurring on our southern border. First, Trump’s troops tore thousands of children away from their families, many of whom may never be reunited. Then, the Administration declared they were going to warehouse families indefinitely in detention camps. We don’t know what they’ll try next, but it’s clear they’re intent on using children and families fleeing violence as political pawns. This whole saga is beyond sickening.

We are launching a major initiative to reach voters in key California Congressional districts, alerting them to this outrage and their Member of Congress’s silence. We are especially trying to reach the mid-term skipping voters who turned out in the November 2016 election but skipped the June 2018 primary. Our focus is Latino voters, young voters, and suburban women voters who we believe will overwhelmingly side with the children.

Can you help us launch this campaign? You’ve seen our track record and know we devote our resources to the field. For every $1,000 raised, we promise we will reach 10,000 voters in important California swing districts. We’re aiming to raise at least $10,000 to contact at least 100,000 targeted voters.

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Our Post-Primary Recap

We were at the center of reaching well over 150,000 mid-term skipping and newly registered voters in the last week of the election – through texting, phone banking, postcards, personalized e-mails, and on-the-ground volunteer deployment – and were one of the key organizations that helped avert the disaster of no Democrat advancing to the general election in any pivotal swing district. With everything we accomplished in the primary, Flip the 14 is now well positioned to make an even bigger impact in November.

Can you help us lay the groundwork for an effective general election field campaign with a contribution today? Early resources help us go bigger and bolder, reaching a lot more voters.

We’re engaged in a lot of exciting field organizing that is connecting dozens of Resistance organizations in common purpose. Expect some exciting announcements in the weeks ahead.

Thank you for everything and anything you did to turn out voters in the primary. It takes a wide network of activists, volunteers, and voters to get the results we need in our system, and if Flip the 14 was part of your outreach, thank you for having faith in us. We won’t let you down.

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Priority Phone Banking & Texting with Courage Campaign & Flip the 14 This Week

Our joint field campaign with Courage Campaign is already off to an incredible start. Have you signed up to phone bank and email voters you know yet?

We’re reaching more than 50,000 Democratic voters in CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49 to make sure they vote for a Democrat in June. Those are the three districts where Courage Campaign and Flip the 14 are worried that no Democrat will advance to the general election.

When we alerted you to texting last week, the response we got was overwhelming. As a result, we have enough texting volunteers to reach our priority voter universe, but we still need people to sign up for phone banking shifts and to email voters through VoterCircle. Can you join us in this final get out the vote push?


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This is Not a Drill: All Hands on Deck in CA-39, CA-48, CA-49

We’re nervous. With Election Day less than two weeks away, we’re really worried about three races in California: CA-39, CA-48, and CA-49. Those are the seats currently represented respectively by Congressmen Ed Royce (retiring), Dana Rohrabacher (in it against a far right challenger loaded with campaign cash), and Darrell Issa (retiring).

There are good Democratic candidates in all three districts, and enthusiasm is high. But the simple math is this: in each district, Republican votes have mostly consolidated behind two candidates, which means the top two vote getters in the primary could be Republicans if we don’t boost Democratic turnout.

Flip the 14 is partnering with the Courage Campaign during this all hands on deck moment to help push a Democrat into the top two. Can you help us? Sign up to volunteer today!

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