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Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year from the Flip the 14 team!

To ring in 2018, John Dean, famed Watergate whistle blower and former White House Counsel for President Nixon, delivered a clarion call to his followers on Twitter:

“Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is more important in 2018 than taking the US House from the GOP, and beginning the end of Trump’s horrific presidency. The well being of the nation depends on it. Don’t let a day pass without doing some act to help Democrats win control. STOP TRUMP!”

If these words sound eerily close to your New Year’s resolution, don’t let this day pass without acting on it. Join us at Flip the 14 by chipping in to help us continue our work.

When we see a warning like this from someone with Dean’s stature and experience dealing with a corrupt White House, it’s a sobering reminder that these are not normal times.

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LA Times: A guide to figuring out if California will flip the House for Democrats this fall

Now that the year of the midterm elections has arrived, the battles will start to pick up speed as Democrats try to reclaim control of the House.

The path to the 24 seats Democrats need passes through California — and that means they need to win at least a handful of the Republican seats they hope to flip.

As the contests take shape, watch these trends to get a sense of what the 2018 elections might bring.

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Raw Story: Previous Next 14 California Republicans at risk of losing their House seats due to Trump’s unpopularity: Wall Street Journal

As of right now, both of California’s U.S. Senate seats are held by Democrats as well as 39 of the 53 seats awarded to the state in the House.

According to the Journal, Democrats are looking at California’s 14 GOP House members as likely targets as part of their plan to take control of the House where they need to flip 24 seats.

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Washington Post: Devin Nunes, targeting Mueller and the FBI, alarms Democrats and some Republicans with his tactics

Rep. Devin Nunes, once sidelined by an ethics inquiry from leading the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia probe, is reasserting the full authority of his position as chairman just as the GOP appears poised to challenge special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation of possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. ...

Although Nunes has not officially wrested his panel’s Russia probe back from the Republicans he deputized to run it, the chairman’s reemergence as a combative Trump loyalist has raised alarm among Democrats that the future of the investigation may be clipped short or otherwise undermined. Even some of Nunes’s GOP allies have expressed concern about his tactics, prompting rare public warnings that he should temper his attacks on federal law enforcement.

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International Business Times: GOP Tax Bill Creates Deficits To Justify Cuts To Social Programs, Says Former Reagan Aide

Bartlett traced the history of Republicans’ views on taxes and budget issues, and argued that the tax legislation is designed not only to deliver big tax cuts to the wealthy, but also to create large budget deficits. Bartlett says that conservative champions of the bill want to create those deficits as a way to manufacture the budget conditions that will justify cutting larger social programs. 

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You Heard the Bad News. Did You Hear the Good News?

You already know the bad news.

House and Senate Republicans, with ZERO Democratic support, voted for an atrocious tax scam that:

  • Is the largest transfer of wealth from working and middle class Americans to the super rich in U.S. history;
  • Raises taxes on most Americans earning less than $75,000 by 2027;
  • Adds $1.5 trillion to the deficit – which they will use to back drastic cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food assistance, and student aid;
  • Gives 83% of all tax cuts to the richest 1%, and 60% to the richest 0.1%; and
  • Harms Californians most of all with the reduction and elimination of deductions Californians regularly utilize.

It’s a giant budget-busting lump of coal for hardworking Americans.

Remember the names of the 12 Republicans who betrayed California, and vote them out in 2018: Doug LaMalfa, Tom McClintock, Paul Cook, Jeff Denham, David Valadao, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Knight, Ed Royce, Ken Calvert, Mimi Walters, and Duncan Hunter.

And that brings us to the good news.

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