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Middle Class Tax Hike Returns to House

The fight to stop the GOP tax scam isn’t over yet!

In the dead of night on Saturday, Republicans in the U.S. Senate passed a tax hike on most Americans earning $75,000 or less a year. It was their version of the tax scam that House Republicans approved on November 16th. It passed by the narrowest of margins, 51-49, with every Democrat standing up for working and middle class Americans.

Now, Republicans in the House and Senate have to merge their bills through what’s known as a conference committee, which will most likely necessitate a new vote in the House.

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The Hill: Dem lead in generic ballot polls worries GOP

Democrats lead their Republican rivals by 10.7 percent on the generic congressional ballot, according to the most recent RealClearPolitics average of available polling data. That mark is the highest that average has gone since just before the 2010 elections, where Republicans netted 63 House seats.

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We Fought Back Against the GOP Tax Scam

Two weeks ago, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for a huge tax increase on millions of middle class Americans. The bill specifically went after tax deductions Californians use the most, making sure our state is hardest hit by their tax scam.

We’re still furious that 11 California Republicans in Congress betrayed their constituents. They want to merge their bad bill with a parallel Senate Republican tax scam that raises taxes on most Americans earning $75,000 or less a year. It’s time to fight back.

Today, Flip the 14 released walk pieces focused on the 11, available for free for anyone in the Resistance to download, print, and distribute. You can download them here. The walk pieces are designed to reach voters who may not understand what is being done to them by their Republican representatives in Congress. 

Help us continue our important work for the Resistance with a contribution today.


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URGENT: GOP Tax Scam Vote Likely this Week

We expect the House of Representatives to vote on their tax bill as early as Wednesday THIS WEEK, and signs are pointing to a likely passage – unless we stop them.

As you’ve probably heard, the GOP tax bill raises taxes on tens of millions of middle class Americans to give giant corporations and the super rich a massive tax cut. With the middle class tax deductions they are destroying, including the state and local tax deduction, this bill hits middle class families in three states hardest of all: California, New York, and New Jersey.

It’s led to an outright revolt by most Republicans in New York and New Jersey, but here in California, our elected Republicans apparently have a lot less spine.

Join us in telling California’s 14 to vote no on the GOP tax scam

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The Virginia “Wipe Out”

We’ll make this short. The results are still coming in, but tonight is an amazing night for the Resistance in Virginia - and that's good news here in California. We are winning in districts that most people wrote off. As Chuck Todd said a few minutes ago on MSNBC, this is a “wipe out.”

To those of you who called into Virginia to make this possible, thank you!

Tomorrow, we will wake up to a different political landscape. The pundits will catch up to what we already knew. A blue wave is possible, but we need to prepare for it now.

If you want to keep the blue wave going here in California, now would be a great time to chip in to help us expand the map.

Help us Flip the 14 and challenge California’s 14 Republicans in Congress.

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The GOP's Middle Class Tax Hike

The harm California’s 14 Republicans in Congress are willing to continually inflict on their own constituents is staggering. Their tax bill, which gives massive tax cuts to the richest 1% at the expense of middle class Californians, is just the latest example.

Take the State and Local Tax deduction. Under the GOP tax bill, it’s eliminated. The Government Finance Officers Association ran the numbers, and it turns out that more than 1.7 million Californians living in one of the 14 districts held by a Republican use this deduction, commonly for property or income, to reduce their taxes. It’s such a huge hit that the Washington Post identified California taxpayers as one of the “losers” in this bill (the super rich were “winners”).

As Republicans in Other States Revolt, the 14 Fall in Line

In other states hard hit by eliminating the State and Local Tax deduction, Republicans rebelled. Twelve Republicans in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania rejected the GOP budget framework over middle class tax hikes, but the 14 voted for it. If only three California Republicans stood up for the middle class, this bill would have been defeated.

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